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TSAQ Tadbir Sanat Ayandegan Qarn Private Joint Stock Company

With more than 16 years of experience in the country's industry

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Services and products

Lead ingots production

- pure - workshop - antimivan

Granule production

Recycled flake

Buy mineral soil

Buy battery Scrap

Magnesium sulfate

Lead sulfate

Lead nitrate

tribasic lead sulfate (tbls)

About TSAQ

Tsaq Company – TSAQ – (Tadbir Sanat Ayendegan Qarn) is one of the largest lead ingot producers in Iran.
Tadbir Sanat Ayandag Qarn Company was established in 2006 with the initial capital of thirty billion Rials with the aim of recycling spent battery materials. The production line of this company was put into operation at the end of 2017 in Shkouhieh Industrial Town. Later, this company with great effort started to produce Recycled flake​, granule, lead sulfate, lead nitrate , Magnesium sulfate , and tribasic lead sulfate (tbls). The main approach in the targeting of Tadbir Sanat Ayandag Company is to create a clean industry, in line with international laws and protocols in the field of protecting the environment, producing products with high purity. because the protection of natural resources and the environment connects today’s generation with tomorrow’s generation.



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